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You can Silverlight in Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer activate to play certain videos in the browser. We show you how. However, the plugin was disabled in almost all browsers.

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Microsoft Silverlight - Wikipedia Silverlight was used to provide video streaming for the NBC coverage of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing,[10] the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver,[11] and the 2008 conventions for both major United States political parties.[12]… Google Chrome - Silverlight - poradna Živě.cz Musí např. Google Chrome, ale ten hlásí "Váš prohlížeč nemá nainstalován plugin Microsoft Silverlight, nebo jej nepodporuje."Odinstaloval jsem starý Silver dle návodu z Googlu, nainstaloval snad poslední verzi a stále to nefachčí. Microsoft Silverlight - EveryDownload Microsoft Silverlight is an essential plugin which enables users to enjoy interactive media content on and offline. Download today. Microsoft Silverlight - ke stažení zdarma -

Lorsque vous utilisez Google Chrome (version 42.0 ou une version ultérieure) pour accéder à un site Web qui exécute Microsoft Silverlight, vous voyez qu’une partie du contenu est manquant ou que le badge d’Installer Microsoft Silverlight s’affiche. Enabling the Silverlight Plugin (NPAPI Plugins) in … Enabling the Silverlight Plugin (NPAPI Plugins) in Chrome Permalink As of April 2015, starting with Chrome Version 42, Google has added an additional step to configuring NPAPI based plugins to run. Télécharger Microsoft Silverlight (gratuit) Silverlight est un plugin multiplateforme, multi-systèmes avec de multiples navigateurs. Ce logiciel permet de visionner des animations interactives et des fichiers audio ou vidéo sur des sites

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Microsoft a annoncé la fin du développement de Silverlight 5 en 2012, sauf pour les correctifs. La fin du support sera le 12 octobre 2021 [2 ]. Microsoft has Abandoned Silverlight and All Other Plugins in Though it has been hard, we have been trying to avoid reporting on rumors about the death of Silverlight for quite some time. As in all things, rumors tend to be exaggerated or out-right false. Microsoft Silverlight 4 for Windows 7 - Microsoft's vision of a… Microsoft Silverlight 4 4.0.60831.0 download - Windows 7 - Cross-platform plug-in designed to be the source of rich online user experiences Microsoft Silverlight 5 free download & review- Soft For… Microsoft Corporation launched this application framework in 2007, but further developments were ceased in 2012. The company now only launches bug fixes from time to time.